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30 и 31 декабря - 20% скидка на заказ "с собой"

30 и 31 декабря - 20% скидка на заказ с собойНовый год уже скоро! Мы принимаем заказы на любимые блюда из меню "Vinci" к вашему праздничному ужину.

Эксклюзивные торты под заказ

Эксклюзивные торты под заказ в кафе «Vinci»  на ДинамоСамая сладкая акция сезона ! Готовые торты из меню со скидкой 40%.
Акция проводится с 14 декабря 2013 года по 14 января 2014, спешите порадовать себя и близких.

Детский уголок в кафе Vinci на Динамо

Открытие детского уголка в кафе «Vinci»  на Динамо21 декабря пройдёт открытие детского уголка в кафе «Vinci» на Динамо! Детские улыбки, радости и смех — гарантирован!

Божоле нуво прибыло!

Божоле нуво прибыло!Божоле нуво прибыло! Кафе Vinci приглашает гостей на праздник молодого французского вина Божоле Нуво.«Le Beaujolais Nouveau»

Cafe Vinci на Полянке 1 год

уютное итальянское кафе в Москве Buon compleanno! 25 октября 2013 День Рождения Cafe Vinci на Полянке. Нам 1 год! смотрите подробный фотоотчет...

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cafe Vinci на Полянке
Забронировать столик онлайн
Адрес: Старомонетный переулок, д.18
Как проехать: карта
Открыто: по будням с 09:00 до 24:00,
в выходные с 11:00 до 24:00
Бизнес-ланч: с 12:00 до 16:00.
Тел.: +7 (495) 500-59-55, +7 (495) 118-69-55

cafe Vinci на Полянке

Приходите! Мы Вас ждем!

Старомонетный переулок, д.18, ст.м. Полянка, Третьяковская.
Мы постараемся удовлетворить все ваши вкусовые пристрастия.

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ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- The Detroit Lions are injury-riddled and those bruises (and worse) have left the team with many questions heading into Saturday night's second preseason game against the New York Jets. Ameer Abdullah Jerseys The preseason opener gave the Lions some answers, including finding their left tackle (Greg Robinson) and a potential future playmaker at receiver (Kenny Golladay). Two season-ending injuries (Brandon Copeland, Kerry Hyder) crystallized the defensive end and SAM linebacker spots, where Cornelius Washington and Antwione Williams will win starting jobs by default.

It also created some potential back-end roster shifts. And that's where I'll be looking during the Lions-Jets game.

1. The defensive end rotation: Ezekiel Ansah remains on the physically unable to perform list and won't play. Barry Sanders Jerseys Washington might get some work, but he's coming off an injury, so the Lions might be cautious there. So other than Anthony Zettel, who will stand out? Can Jeremiah Valoaga and Alex Barrett build on strong early performances to push for roster spots? Calvin Johnson Jerseys What about seventh-round pick Pat O'Connor? At least one of those three -- and possibly two of them -- will likely end up on the roster and with a role. How they perform Saturday could start to shake a close competition out.

2. The starting offensive line: Sure, there won't be much game planning and there's no guarantee T.J. Lang will play at right guard. But the Jets have a formidable defensive line full of former first-round picks. Detroit did well (for the most part) against the Colts, but the Jets' front is much better. Marvin Jones Jr Jerseys Focusing on Robinson and Graham Glasgow specifically, can they keep Matthew Stafford and/or Jake Rudock upright and not running around to avoid being hit? If Detroit can do that against the Jets, it might be a better sign for the offensive line.

3. Kenny Golladay: The excitement about the rookie receiver is reaching extreme levels. If he can back up his two-touchdown performance with a big preseason game at home, the expectations might hit unrealistic levels. The Jets have a decent secondary that could test Golladay if he goes against the first team. Matthew Stafford Jerseys That would be a different experience than what he had against the Colts and could give a better gauge of what he might be able to do as a rookie (although a bigger test could come next week against New England).